Art in Action – webinar

Art in Action - webinar On Wednesday 24th February 2021 as part of UCC Refugee Week, UCC Fáilte Refugees Society and the Glucksman hosted a webinar [...]

WEBINAR: The art of Customisation

WEBINAR: The art of Customisation See the recorded webinar for an insight into the perfect synergies created by combining a state-of-the-art tabletop manually foldable touch monitor with [...]

[PODCAST] Art chat – with Jason Brubaker

[PODCAST] Art chat - with Jason Brubaker https://www.youtube.com/user/Brubaker... www.ahmedaldoori.com MY SUPPLIES - https://www.amazon.com/shop/ahmedaldoori My (FREE) brushes can be found here! https://gumroad.com/medders (just put 0 in the field) [...]

How to Self Assess Your Drawing Skills

How to Self Assess Your Drawing Skills https://lifedrawing.academy/correspon... - Do you know what is your level of drawing skills according to the standards of classical art education? [...]

Real Talk, Real Design Outdoors and In

The Junior League of the New Orleans Garden Club and Interior Decorating Club hosted a joint meeting at the lovely Uptown home of Lori and Bobby Savoie, with MILIEU’s Design Director, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, as the keynote speaker.

Breathing Room

The clients and interior designer agreed to create a home that would function as a place apart from the animation of daily life, while remaining linked to the vibrant city of Austin

Being Heuman

No one could mistake London-based Beata Heuman’s interiors for anyone else’s—equal parts style, function, and fun

Material Girl

Connecticut-based Rosemary Hallgarten designs rugs and fabrics from materials so rich and textured that when completed they take on another dimension.

A Building Model

Architect Norma Merrick Sklarek was designing office buildings and embassies, city halls and museums, when few, if any, African American women were part of the profession. What she built still stands.

Frosted in Time

The Renaissance gardens at Drummond Castle are reminiscent of the magnificent grounds at Versailles, but they are more intimate and infused with Scottish symbolism

MILIEU Gift Guide 2021

This holiday season, we've put a twist on our annual gift-giving guide by selecting the best of the best in sync with interior design styles.

Dutch Treats

Timeless still lifes of the seventeenth century revealed in precise detail the luxuries and bounty of the Dutch Republic. We recreated those genre paintings with fine jewelry of today.

Off The Wall

Much has taken place in England’s Haddon Hall, whose origins date to the twelfth century. Never before, though, has the manor house been populated with figures dressed in garments made of fine wallpapers. It’s a new chapter in the house’s history.

Your Round Top Short List on the MILIEU Insider

The Round Top Antiques Fair can feel a bit overwhelming to plan with so many sites and vendors worth visiting. MILIEU’s editors did some advance shopping for you this season. We honed in on four of our favorite Fall fair destinations— places where you will find ideas, inspiration, and lots of shopping opportunities.

Behind the Scenes of the Paper Trail

I’m sharing my work as it was in progress for the latest production for MILIEU‘s Fall issue. My editorial task was to create “rooms” made of humble brown paper and corrugated cardboard to showcase iconic modern pieces along with antiques.

Married to Design

Interior designer and owner of Nashville’s The Iron Gate, Rozanne Jackson and architect Glen Oxford not only live together as husband and wife, but also frequently collaborate on projects. MILIEU’s Executive Editor, David Masello, spoke to them to find out how they work together—and why it works.

Factory Made

The noted photographer Christopher Payne takes us inside American factories to reveal how what we use and what we wear are made—by machine and people power

The Power of a Fresh Color Palette

THE POWER OF A FRESH COLOR PALETTE With the launch of the new Spring 2021 Color Collection from L’Atelier Paris, the joyful tones of springtime can be experienced [...]

Early Inspirations

EARLY INSPIRATIONS It was on a school outing to Paris in the days of my youth that I made my first visit to Versailles, and there I happened [...]

Oscar Niemeyer

Known for his curvilinear, organic forms, Oscar Niemeyer was a key figure in architecture and design. He created landmark buildings and iconic furniture in his native Brazil and abroad.

The Art of the Man

Gary Tinterow, who heads the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is perhaps the most creative force at work at the institution

Cultivating Good Taste

Thirty minutes and a world away from the bustle of Nashville, Bloomsbury Farm cultivates far more than organic vegetables.

A Work in Progress

A WORK IN PROGRESS At 87, Sam Gilliam is enjoying a career high. In 2018 the artist unveiled a major commission for the National Museum of African American [...]

Royal Ride

Leaving from Edinburgh, the Belmond Royal Scotsman train trip is a journey through history and geography. It’s the ride of a lifetime.

Doing the Charleston

The owner of GDC Home shares his family's history in the dry goods business dating back to 1781, as well as a glimpse into his enterprise today.

In Print

During these past months, we have all spent more time at home than likely ever before. As a result, we’ve come to look at our rooms with a new perspective.

Through The Gate

Shannon Bowers sits down with Rozanne for some shop talk revealing whats behind the welcoming spirit of The Iron Gate and how it endures with time.

Home Sweet Home

Growing their business from a ten-foot-square antiques booth to a 16,000-square-foot design destination, the proprietors of Back Row Home reflect on friendship, travels, and becoming Houston's one-stop-shop for European finds and modern necessities.

Lost but Found

A Houston interior designer discovered an old farmhouse that nobody seemed to want. She and her husband bought it, moved in, and brought it back to life

A Gusto for Life

The Mexican home that an antiques dealer and designer built is filled with life and spirit, both from its occupants and the furnishings she has brought to it

Rooted in Georgia

A couple who make their living as homebuilders build a second residence for themselves that melds contemporary living with classic architecture

Vidalia Dining Table

VIDALIA DINING TABLE Porch View Home The Vidalia dining table from Porch View Home features a warm and lived-in finish that naturally brings people together in your [...]

Veracruz Cocktail Table

VERACRUZ COCKTAIL TABLE Fisher Weisman One of the best features of the Veracruz cocktail table from Fisher Weisman is its ability to be used indoors as well [...]


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