Homes & Gardens

Breathing Room


The clients and interior designer agreed to create a home that would function as a place apart from the animation of daily life, while remaining linked to the vibrant city of Austin

Breathing Room2021-12-13T16:26:44-06:00

Being Heuman


No one could mistake London-based Beata Heuman’s interiors for anyone else’s—equal parts style, function, and fun

Being Heuman2021-12-13T16:27:09-06:00

Lost but Found


A Houston interior designer discovered an old farmhouse that nobody seemed to want. She and her husband bought it, moved in, and brought it back to life

Lost but Found2021-12-13T10:37:18-06:00

A Gusto for Life


The Mexican home that an antiques dealer and designer built is filled with life and spirit, both from its occupants and the furnishings she has brought to it

A Gusto for Life2021-12-13T10:38:02-06:00

Rooted in Georgia


A couple who make their living as homebuilders build a second residence for themselves that melds contemporary living with classic architecture

Rooted in Georgia2021-12-13T10:38:35-06:00
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